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Private Blog Networks

After Google action against several private blog networks there are so many SEOs who have sworn against using this technique. A lot has been said about how the networks were created and the most important is using low quality content. Aside from that the networks did not follow the rules to keep PBN private.

Private Blog Networks – Tips On How To Build Private Blog Networks For Cheap

Are you searching for huge traffic from search engines within a short time? It is possible to achieve it once you come up with your own private blog network and manage it well. A private blog network is a network of high authority websites made from domains that are expired. The main aim of PBN is building good quality links. Google prefers back links from high authority websites compared to low ones. PBN allows you to control back links from your website. You can add or removes the links any time that you want. If there is any update of Google algorithm you will control the back links. When you build your own private blog network and rank keywords on top you will know the advantages of private blog networks.

Finding a domain name for a private blog is one of the most difficult tasks. Purchasing expired domains is the best. Before you buy make sure that the domain has good domain authority and back link profiles. There are so many places that you can purchase expired domains what is required is doing a lot of research. It is a process that will take time therefore it is advisable that you outsource the task through contacting domain agents found on various forums.

When building private blog networks, it is important that you select webhosting. Hosting a PBN network is costly. Selecting the best hosting is a challenging task because every domain of your PBN should have an IP address. If they are going to be on the same IP address there is a chance that another person owns the domain. It is imperative that you have a unique IP address for the private blog networks.

Most people are usually confused when it comes to designing their website for PBN. PBN resembles a blog but ensure that you use a different theme for every blog. If you are going to keep the same design for all the blogs, you might be penalized by Google. Use free themes where you will add a header and background this will help in making word press blog unique. When designing a logo, it is not a must that it looks attractive. But it should not be the same. Design a logo on the internet or use any that will not take a lot of time in designing. After choosing domain names, designed a logo the next step is writing good quality content on your private blog networks. Writing content on PBN is the same as writing on your blog. The content should be fresh and unique. Make sure that the content is not copied from any website. It is a must that you show a legit website to Google. Write around 300 to 500 articles and include a video or image.