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How To Build A Private Blog Network

Everybody knows the success of a blog depends on its ability to network with other websites. Blogging has become a lucrative business for most people especially for people who focus on topics that attract readers. How to build a private blog network is a process that is tricky but not hard. If you get enough training and earn experience anybody with basic SEO knowledge can build a blog network. What is required are the right tools, advice and time to put everything in the right direction.

How To Build A Private Blog Network – Guide On How To Build A Private Blog Network

It is important to know how to build a private blog network because it is one of the best ways to earn money if you are focused on posting new content and ranking high on search engines. But most owners of link building service and blogs know that search engines like Google are making it hard to be ranked high. Today, there are de indexing blogs especially those which are managed by public networks. This is because most public network use cheap link building services. Some of the methods that they use to improve ranks are undesirable and illegal. This includes using generated content that is written around keywords that is questionable.

The best way to avoid being penalized by Google is creating web content around smart keywords. It is good to begin with natural keywords but it can be somehow hard to improve your page rankings. It is a must that you keep up with keyword trends. This is the reason why it is important that you build a private blog network and get the right mix of keywords. This will in turn lead to great back links that will improve your page ranking. This guide is going to teach on how to build a private blog network that will be indexed by Google and will not be penalized.

Purchase domains:

The first step that you have to do is buying domain. It is okay to use website like Word Press and other sites but it is a must that you have an original domain. This will help in making sure that your website will look natural. Make sure that the domain that you are planning to purchase is good quality.

The next point that how to build a private blog network .The domain should be free from spam and links which are questionable like foreign websites, adult websites and gambling websites. Search for a domain that has a good age and healthy history. There are so many auction websites that sell domains or search for domains which have expired.

Host your domains:

This is important to know that how to build a private blog network. If you want to have a good private blog network service, it is a must that you have one hundred blogs or more that should be under your name so that it can be effective. Add new websites as your website attracts traction then begin introducing back link service. Ensure that every website is hosted in a different server. This will help to make your website is natural and will be indexed by search engines.

When you spread your website over a few hosts this will make your website appear trustworthy. It is also important that you change title of the website so that it matches what you are working for but it must be connected to domain name that you bought. This one of the best ways, of staying away from hosting providers who provide SEO hosting.