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In a medium or long term strategy, SEO positioning your business website on Google is the best possible investment. Working SEO positioning with a relatively low cost will get an increase in your long-term and secure clientele over time. Our favorite search engine (and 90% of the planet) is capricious and slow to react but with the right knowledge and good practices you can get your business to the top and significantly increase your notoriety on the Internet as well as your customers.

SEO web positioning is not recommended for all businesses. There are traditional businesses that still work well, but if the product or service that your company offers is searched on the internet you should not wait to improve your positioning. Even if you are already in a good position to search for your product you can always expand the clientele or secure your position with other competitors. In any case, tell us your situation and details of your business and we will advise you without obligation.

Basic Affordable SEO Packages

We Answer Your Questions:

My website does not appear on Google … What do I do?

There is a difference between having an indexed page and that it can be seen in the search results. That’s why it’s no use having your website indexed if you’re not doing tasks to improve your positioning and get more visits through the search engines.

I already have a website … Now what?

If you have a web page, the next thing is to show it to your clients. You can do it through different channels and using different means, for example: positioning campaigns and search engine advertising, promotion in social networks, email marketing, etc….

How much time do I need to have more visits?

So that we can appear in the top positions of the search engines and get organic visits, it is necessary that the search robots track our content, store it in their databases and from there classify our website in the search results. The time will depend on the competition that exists for the keywords that we want to position.

How do I prevent Google from penalizing my website?

In B2B Solutions we use techniques recommended by search engines to avoid unwanted penalties. Therefore, we focus on complying with Google and other search engines guidelines so that we can improve the traffic of our clients’ websites without running the risk of being penalized.

What factors influence more in the SEO?

Google’s algorithm is composed of more than 200 factors that influence the positioning of a website, and that are also updated almost daily. According to the experience we have B2B Solutions; we can say that these are some of the most important: user experience, optimized content, external links, CTR received in the snippets, loading speed of the website, etc….

My visits are stagnant. What can I do?

Many of our clients have contacted us because their web traffic was stagnant. If this is your case, you should put yourself in the hands of professionals, because you will have to analyze why you do not get new users and define a strategy to follow to improve visits and therefore get new customers through your website.

What SEO rates should I choose for my project?

The SEO rates vary depending on the needs of our customers. If you have a corporate website that does not need constant updates, you can start with the “Silver” package, but if you have an online store or a website that requires a stronger online presence, you will have to choose between “Platinum” or “Gold”.

How do I contract one of the SEO packages?

To inform you or hire any of our SEO packages, you just have to send us an email at sales [at] to tell us more details about your project. One of our experts will assist you and once we have all the information, we will get to work. Do not wait more!

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